classic and wooden toys

Classic and Wooden Toys


At Toys to Enjoy we sell toys that rekindle treasured memories and create wonderful new memories for the next generation.
Toys to Enjoy was established in 1985, by Loretta Olsen. Her view was to sell wooden toys, other classic toys and nautical gifts.
From rag dolls (some locally made), wooden toys, such as trucks, trains, blocks, clockwork toys and doll houses, we stock toys that many generations have loved to play with.
Our wooden toys are ethically sourced and have non-toxic paint.
In a disposable world, it is great to show children that wooden toys can be repaired rather than being thrown away.
We search the world to source the best classic and wooden toys and stock from over 30 different countries, all over the globe.
Having sold classic and wooden toys for over 30 years, we have sound knowledge of which toys are best suited for different age groups and are happy to advise you.
We have seen the children of our early customers become lovely adults, who proudly tell us that their children love the truck/train/doll house from their childhood. They bring them into our shop to buy new toys to create, pass on to siblings, and neighbours’ children, or be retained for the next generation.
Classic and wooden toys nurture creative thinking through imagination play, which is essential for brain development. The durability of our toys means that children can play with them for years and, the only limit is their imagination.
Playing with classic and wooden toys helps a child with their gross and fine motor skills, problem solving skills, creative thinking senses, manual dexterity, and manipulation of objects.

wooden toys
wooden toys
wooden toys