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Toys to Enjoy for Classic Toys

Experience the excitement of an old fashioned toy shop at Toys to Enjoy, the Galleria Building, Salamanca Place.

A family owned specialist shop for classic toys e.g. Wooden toys (trucks, cars, trains, blocks, doll houses, parking garages, fire stations, pushalongs, pullalongs, pulldowns, tool kits and benches, mobiles, shape sorters, abacus and alphabet frames, spinning tops, puzzles, rocking horses and chairs, cradles, block trolleys, tea sets etc); rag dolls, baby dolls, and plush toys; jack in boxes; cloth books; puppets (string, hand and finger); and tin toys (classic windups including robots, spinning tops, tea sets, ‘planes). We also stock a wide range of nautical gifts (dioramas, tall ships, clinker built dinghy’s, sail boats, pond yachts etc).

We search the world to bring you the best classic toys. We sell exceptional quality, safe toys from over thirty different countries at reasonable prices. Our toys are suitable from birth to 100 years of age.

Classic toys link the generations, foster learning through play, inspire individuality and reward curiosity. We want children to enjoy good quality toys that create happy childhood memories. Our classic toys help reduce screen time; improve dexterity, hand eye coordination and imagination; modelling real life to work through situations; and educate (at an age appropriate level) in preparation for school.

Toys to Enjoy is a family owned and operated business. It is a well loved and longstanding toy shop, established in 1985. We offer friendly, knowledgeable service (we were finalists in the Hobart City Council Customer Service Awards the only year we entered, we have received numerous certificates, letters of appreciation and a National Award for not selling toys of violence). Our backgrounds are in teaching, design, and safety. We are open every day (Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm) and are happy to post items anywhere. We also deliver within central Hobart and the Northern suburbs for purchases over $180.

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